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I-I cant I-its its just too awesome! i think that the music and the art style match perfectly! i suggest doing more things like this!

although i like pewdiepie this is still funny.

hes kinda right, i do honestly have to agree with that...but this show is amazing!

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did anyone else get the weebls secret island achievement?

this 3d is awully nice...i cant stop laughing at that "You died!"

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seriously, i play this game everyday...its addictcing

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This is my definition of beautiful. Just great, I wonder who could find a problem with this,may I use this in the intro sequence of my upcoming game "The Wonderful World that Caleb Just so Happens to Live in"? If not,then that's perfectly fine!

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Semaphore responds:

permission granted

Thx onebrony .

Cheers Sema

Nice! I love how epic this sounds,but I must ask,may I use this in the other half of the cinematic intro of my flash game called "The Wonderful World that Caleb Just so Happens to Live in?" If not then im fine with that!

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SoundChris responds:

Thanks a lot - glad you liked it. You can use it if your project is non-profit and if you credit me with my NG account.

Hey not bad at all! you just need a little bit more on the percussion parts

May I please us this in a rap im doing with my friend? I'll give you credit, and i will post the final song on newgrounds soundcloud and my tumblr

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this is great! i love this game so much that i bought the basement collection!

Araelyn responds:

Awee thank youuuuu! Man, I love it toooooo. I loove it tooooooooo.

this is the ONLY show i watch on tv anymore

not that bad!

I guess I program flash games

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